Be #thankful and spread #love today.

The power of #gratitude in your everyday life is almost unmeasurable. When you’re grateful for every moment and opportunity, you learn to appreciate the little things in life taken for granted.

I’m not talking about these “What are 10 things you’re thankful for today?” exercises, but just sitting there and saying: “Wow. I’m alive, reading this random guy’s post, and I’m just thankful for everything going on in my life.”

We can’t control everything in our lives, not even remotely. However, we have complete control over how we perceive them. Learn to harness that incredible power.

Most importantly, strive to bring #joy to as many people as possible. Just think of all the awful days you had that could have been completely flipped with a single smile. A smile is SO powerful. Smile at the next random person you see in the street. Have a beautiful human connection for a moment. Be #empathetic. Be #happy. Most importantly, get addicted to the fire you feel when you plant happiness in others. It’s the best addiction.

You can #changetheworld with your next smile.

CTO @KitabSawti . Obsessed with creating calm work cultures that provide happiness and fulfillment. PreactJS Core. Performance and beautiful UX

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