Speaking from the heart…

Hassan Bazzi
2 min readFeb 9, 2024

I used to write and tell stories…

It felt liberating to pour my thoughts on paper and release my inner demons and angels. It was fun to expose the ideas some of the flesh in my skull periodically put together. It was just me and my pen.

But then I started trying to make sense, and it’s now felt like years since I actually have. My style is now more calculated, my words more measured, and my feelings less present. I stopped writing for me and started writing for you.

Still trying to figure out the wind to my sails.

From my lens, perception is a concept that is now woven within our dystopian present. It’s all so weird. You think: “Should I post this story or that picture?”. You share not the life you live, but a curation that you want the world to see. It’s bizarre. Why do we do it? Why do we control the narrative of our own existence when its beauty lies in the pristine nature of our reality? I’d rather see my friends’ genuine sorrows over their tailored highlight reels. I want to feel their pain every now and then, rather than stay out of touch.

Every time I think I’ve broken free from the judgment of all that is around me, I realise that it’s only another tier within the borders that surround me.

How will you perceive my words? How will you perceive my thoughts? How will you perceive the person I put out there? What should I care about? What shouldn’t I? Whom should I love and where should I be?

As much as you think your answers to the above questions are genuine and grounded, perception has the greater hand in a lot of them. It takes a lot to zoom out and recalibrate the “person” you’re pretending to be. It takes even more to entirely drop the facade.

Anyways, I think I’m done talking about career, entrepreneurship, home, and destiny. I want to share my love for history and philosophy. I want to dive into the coral reefs of poetry and paint a piece of my heart with my dreams.


You know… The best achievement of my very first article <link here>, was connecting me with other wandering souls in the universe. I had people emailing me from all corners of the planet, keeping me company in my solitude. I got motivating letters from human beings that went through all of this and figured it out, and then got some from human becomings. I put my soul out there and my soul found its mates. That. That right there, is what I used to do.



Hassan Bazzi

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