When no-one else does.

Hassan Bazzi
2 min readApr 30, 2024

It’s ok to love them when no-one else does. It’s ok to see when everyone else is blind. You’re not fooled and you’re not embarrassing.

The human condition is infinitely complex and you simply see through it. Everyone has good and evil within them. How is seeing the light within someone’s darkness a sin?

I’m tired of regretting seeing the beauty, the potential, the love, and the smile. People will tell you it’s fake or was a facade, and it may well be. But there are certain times when it is not and you know it. Those smiles were real, the love rang true, the tears did flow, and your heart did beat out of your chest for a moment. No-one can take that away from you.

I’m tired of being victim of the guilt of enjoying the pain. God was a drop of that pain an ocean of pleasure. It was life. I’d rather feel a hint of pain and pleasure than a life of numbness and eventless shuteyes.

And now I’m not sure if I’m speaking for myself or talking to you. The lines have blurred, but the truth sits in between, aching to burst out and scream.

Don’t let a hard lesson harden your heart. Do not, let a hard lesson harden your heart. Oh how tragic that would be, for a heart of gold to turn into a burning coal in the wind chill of the world’s negativity.

I want to love you till my eyes close shut, simply because i don’t want another if in front of another what. “What if” hurts. Ask the grandmas and grandpas. Ask the mountains of regrets and valleys of fallen dreams.

Do it when no-one else does.



Hassan Bazzi

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