You need to stop freaking out about AI.

Hassan Bazzi
2 min readMar 28, 2023

Seriously, let me show you a better way. But first, let’s face it: The world has been overcome with AI anxiety and worry is sweeping the planet. Who could have thought that almost everyone will have the exact same form of imposter syndrome? We’re living in Interesting times indeed.

In these times, Everyone feels left behind on the train of AI and ChatGPT. Yet, that train has not even left the station.

Yes, the world is changing. Yes, the change is going to probably be exponential. Tim Urban talked about it many years ago on Wait But Why. Yes, this is a much greater leap than the switch from horses to cars. However, now’s the time to fall in love with progress and science. Now’s the time to sit down, relax, and read up on the vast possibilities. Now’s the time to be inspired. They’re saying we can soon cure cancer in 5 min. They’re saying we can figure out how to 100x agriculture so noone has to ever starve again. They’re saying lots of things, and most are probably true. More importantly, anxiety and fear only lead to heart problems and panic.

On my end, I feel so grateful and lucky to be alive, witnessing a civilization that’s undergoing an exciting and drastic transformation. We’re all the collective human story, and what better way to participate than to be a living character?

I remember always wondering what it would have been like to witness the Pyramids shining in Marble in their prime, or to stand in awe as humans took their first step on the moon. I remember Curiosity’s incredible landing on Mars, and that first beautiful picture we got of Pluto, opening its heart to us. We were all proud of humanity and in awe of what we can and will achieve. It’s time to do the same.

So dear reader: Relax. Put on your favorite underwear, sunglasses, or pajamas and enjoy the show. The next few months and years will be ones worth indulging your curiosity in completely, rather than hiding under a rock worried about your mere existence. That same existence is one that’s always been and will always be a merely insignificant detail in an infinitely vast and gorgeous universe.

Your fellow dreamer,

Hassan ❤️



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