When we look back at almost every tragedy in human history, we usually ask: “How can someone do such a thing?” Historians and politicians will usually answer with an introspection of geopolitics, anthropology, financial interests, and other fields of study. However, at the core of every tragedy are decisions, and behind every decision is a human being. Now imagine how many tragedies could have been avoided if compassion was at the heart of most decisions.

Compassion is a beautiful tool that is rarely utilized across human disciplines. Within leadership and management, compassion is sadly a nice to have. When managers…

Rise and shine! It’s your first day on the job. You’re a little nervous, and you probably didn’t get enough sleep. You have infinite expectations about how your everyday work-life will be, how you’ll collaborate with your teammates, and the challenges that await you. You’re like a baby that’s excited to taste solid food for the first time.

Wait, a baby? You’ve been here before. You’ve chewed on your fair bit of company lunches, and been in the tallest of weeds. In fact, a month in and you’ve completely adapted to your new workplace. Frankly, you understand how things…

I felt a mix of anxiety and uncertainty when we announced we were getting acquired by a bigger company.

As a leader in our smaller startup, I knew this was “in the works” for the better part of a month. However, I didn’t feel the promised “ease” the moment the deal went live. It rather added unforeseen anxiety. The question became: now what?

The weird part about an acquisition is that the day-to-day details are not discussed until after the deal has gone through.

Where will people work from? How will the teams look like? What happens to the work…

Be #thankful and spread #love today.

The power of #gratitude in your everyday life is almost unmeasurable. When you’re grateful for every moment and opportunity, you learn to appreciate the little things in life taken for granted.

I’m not talking about these “What are 10 things you’re thankful for today?” exercises, but just sitting there and saying: “Wow. I’m alive, reading this random guy’s post, and I’m just thankful for everything going on in my life.”

We can’t control everything in our lives, not even remotely. However, we have complete control over how we perceive them. …

I mean really. What is it? Success? Money? Happiness? Love? A sense of purpose? A legacy maybe? Actually, these are kind of easy ones to consider and answer. In fact, whichever one you choose, you kind of choose them all at once without knowing. The more interesting question is as follows: “What do we want to do in life?”. I’m talking about the one magical, exciting, yet sometimes terrifying phrase: our careers.

I don’t know what I want to do with my life — many many many of us

I’ve been wondering about my place in the universe for a…

Hassan Bazzi

CTO @KitabSawti . Obsessed with creating calm work cultures that provide happiness and fulfillment. PreactJS Core. Performance and beautiful UX

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